2006  flob's August & September photos  2006

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Aug 5th and 47810 keeps 90001 company at Great Yarmouth
August saw 321s working the mainline - this was on the 18th
August 18th and 47709 arrives in the Low Level at Norwich
August 20th and the NNR's Rat prepares for departure from Sheringham
August 31st and 37194 is the DRS route learning machine
September 6th - earlies have their benefits !
Later in the day we take 156416 to Sheringham , here at Roughton Road
..again at Cromer
September 6th and 47828 brings the 1700 ex Liverpool St into Norwich within 4 minutes of time..
September 9th and the Blue Pullman visits Lowestoft
on the 10th the recently named 90007 ascends Lakenham bank ..
21st sees 156407 between Sheringham and West Runton
Mid Norfolk Railway Diesel Gala - 24th September with 31538
and 'big' 37259
ex Anglia Mk2 buffet 1218
that big device again ..
28th , Liverpool St with the arrival of the 21.00 from Norwich